and so now i enter the world of blogging

I may have finally done it. After a few years of reading what so many friends and colleagues think about this or that, I have decided to enter my frazzled (but may I say beautiful) voice into the same sometimes erudite, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes entertaining, but most often whiny, prattle which is the internet. It is my hope that in the days, weeks, and years (hopefully) to come, to share with any who might care, whatever is on my mind at a particular point in time.

That said, I want anyone who might come across these pages to understand why I am doing this. I want to be clear on this, if you disagree with something herein, I don’t care. I am not writing in this manner to persuade anyone of anything. I would expect much of what will be written would not be controversial. But then again maybe so, but that’s not my intent. I am doing this for a few reasons.

Having recently been exposed to Michael Duncan’s podcast The History of Rome (highly recommended by the way) I was led to reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. The Roman emperor, Aurelius, is said to be one of the stoics. I don’t now if he was or not, and further, I don’t know a whole lot beyond the basics of stoic philosophy. He did, however, write this book which has endured and been republished continually, I suppose, for close to two thousand years. Whether or not Aurelius was a stoic – I think he probably was – Meditations is not a philosophy book. That is to say, it does not lay out any sort of constructive argument hoping to persuade one to that brand of philosophy. Meditations is simply a book, a journal really, of what this 50-something King of the Known World, was thinking about on a particular day. He was very reflective and thought it beneficial to write down what he was reflecting upon. I was reminded that once upon a time – a very long time ago – a time before a wife and children and a job- I found the same sort of written meditation, well….if not useful, at least therapeutic. So, that’s the first reason to write: Selfishness. It’s very hard for me to love anything or anybody more than me and I think this practice will be beneficial to ME. So there’s one reason to do this.

There is another reason to write. I hope to live a long time, and I have every reasonable expectation, at this point, to have at least another 20-30 years. However, both my parents have been dead for a few years now. I am fully aware that I am the eldest sibling remaining of my family of origin, and as such, I know that of that group of people I’m in all likelihood the next one to find out if my theology has been correct. I do have several older cousins whose health I monitor (again mostly for self intersted reasons) and they seem to be doing pretty well. So, while not anticipating an immediate demise, I’m close enough to the cashier in the heavenly (I hope) check-out line to begin to think of my posterity. (yet another selfish reason.) So in a sense I hope to leave something behind to my wife, and more importantly to my daughters and any children they might have, that would remind them that I was more than …..well whatever it is they think of me. I guess, in a way I hope that if I do this enough, I’ll get to shape the way I am remembered.

Finally, I do hope that from time to time something I write might at some point give someone a smile or a chuckle. Maybe one of my meditations might bring a tear. Perhaps as I share those things I think really important, a reader might be reminded of what is really important to them. In other words, I hope to accomplish that thing which a good song so often does for me, and that is, remind us that we are not alone out here, and never have been. So I hope we all benefit from what will follow.

Now. If I can figure this WordPress thing out……………..