Hello, back for real this time

I’ve been away from writing for a while. I decided it was time for me to achieve some clarity on some things, and the manner of clarifying things of importance to me, over the years, has been to write about them. It forces coherence and the organizing of my thoughts. That said, I am back because I am seeking clarity. What I hope to accomplish in the next few writings, is to clearly examine my own beliefs, be intellectually honest, philosophically and theologically clear and consistent, and having done this, establish for myself – and perhaps someone else as well – a sturdy set of spectacles with which to view this historical time which seems to have been unusually disruptive by the candidacy and election of Donald J. Trump. The last 18 months have not been “politics as usual.” I feel unusually traumatized. I think this exercise in internal dialogue may help.

To the three people who read my blog, if you feel like honest dialogue, if you think of yourself as possessing enough intellectual humility to consider modifying your beliefs, 9i do) if you can disagree kindly, if you abhor ad hominems, if you have something to offer to aid in this struggle of mine, I would welcome dialogue in some form. If you bring to the discussion regurgitated Republican or Democrat talking points, I’m not really interested. I’ve heard them all, and they have led me here. I am however, open to having my mind changed. I would welcome it

The first essay, which will soon follow, will concern itself with “ The Death of Liberalism.”