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Hi Everyone. My name is Carl Wagoner I am a life-long resident of Kentucky. My pilgrim journey, while allowing me to visit some cool and far off lands has never led me, or required me to leave for too long. Perhaps that makes my world-view narrower than some, but it is the path I was led down and one I’ve come to love more with each passing year. I’ve been married since I have memory and that partnership has brought forth two wonderful daughters. I have found and assembled a family over the years that is very rich. I have accumulated kinfolk from the family I was born into, from a life-long participation in various churches, from the folks I’ve played music with, at Martin’s Cigar Store, and from the guys and gals with which I ride the open roads of this lovely part of the world. I could bore you with all my many successes, but fairness would then beg I that I share all many failures. Suffice to say, I hope you take something positive from these thoughts I share. By the way that’s me and my Dad. We’re not real indians

me and dad indians